Practical Grails 3 - 1.0 Release

December 01, 2017

Hello, Everyone! I’m excited to announce the 1.0 release of Practical Grails 3!

If you’ve purchased previously you can grab an updated copy.

If you’ve not purchased yet get your copy today!

A HUGE thank you to the 500+ people who purchased early access!

The book will stay Early Access price until 12/7, so grab your copy today!

Living Book

The 1.0 release is not the end - it’s the beginning! I have been working on the 3.3.x branch updates for a while but there is so much new I wanted the 1.0 to be based off Grails 3.2. Please note when you purchase Practical Grails 3 you will receive update through the whole life of Grails 3.x.

The book will continue to grow with new features and feedback as Grails grows.

Planned for 1.1

  • Grails 3.3.x

  • Data Services

  • GraphQL intro

  • More deployment scenarios

  • Feedback from you!

G3 Summit

I had a great time at the G3 Summit this year - check out my recap blog post!